Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thematic Concerts - 2010 Season

Music Season 2010:
(The opinion expressed in this blog belongs to the author (Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy) and does not reflect the views of Pallavi or its executive members)
With the howling cold wind, with sub zero temperatures and snow falling, luckily I have had some "free" time between semesters. During this time, I take great comfort in listening to the music season in Madras. One of the concert series I listen to is the Thematic music Concert series (Margazhi Mahotsavam series broadcast by Jaya TV). I think each artists takes up a theme and brings his/her music talents to amplify the theme.

I talk about music and concerts, not because I am an expert (I am a novice in music appreciation at best) but a sheer joy of sharing some of the pleasures of listening.
(Eminent author Sri R. K. Narayan has articulated this view here - Thanks to veeyens for sharing this)

Themes varied from "tatvam", "Ganesha", "Krishna", "bhajana pantha", "aayul, arogyam", "Hariyum and Haranam", "Kaalam or Time" and "All/Different Bharathi's compositions", "Namasivaya" , "Vel Murugan nama sankeerthanam", "Nine Types of Bhakthi", "Thyaga Ragas", "Krishna Leelai", "Utsava Sampradaya Kritis", "Oothukaadu Venkata Kavi".

While thematic concerts seem like a novel idea, there could be drawbacks. I now list one of the common criticisms raised by one rasika:

"To ask a musician to explain Tatvam Asi or advaitha concept is like asking for the recipe of badir bheni or bisi bela holi to a table waiter or expecting a bookshop salesperson to explain cardiac arrythmyas or principles of rocket propulsion. It is the fundamental mistake of the organizers of Margazhi mahothsav.It is unfortunate that the musicians are made the scapegoat with sheepish look. in public gaze."

Another rasika commented:

"From a ton of ore, you get a couple of grams of gold, rest mere dust"

My own feeling is more akin to the rasika number 2 (take what ever you feel is good and leave out the rest). Any way here are the music concerts for you to enjoy (Thanks to Mr. Venkata Kailasam )

1) Malladi Brothers

2) Nithyasree

3) Abhishek Raghuram

4) Priya Sisters

5) Vijay Siva

6) Ranjani Gayatri

7) Unnikrishnan

8) Sowmya

9) Sanjay Subramanian

10) Aruna Sayeeram

11) O. S. Arun

12) Sudha Raghunathan

13) Ganesh and Kumaresh

14) Visaka Hari

15) Sowmya and Group

16) Nisha Rajagopal

17) RaviKiran

18) Karnatica Brothers

19) Smt. Lakshmi Rangarajan and Ms.Subhiksa Rangarajan

20) Bhushani Kalyanaraman

21) Saketh Raman

22) Sankara Narayanan (Jr)

23) Savitha Narasimhan

24) Dr. Ganesh

25) Charumathi Ramachandran and Subasri Ramachandran