Sunday, March 21, 2010

Majestic Kambodhi

After listening to aru marundoru in Kambodhi (or Kamboji) by Sanjay S, I was mesmerized by this raga again. There are more qualified people or/and musically knowledgeable people who can take about the aarohanam, avarohanam and the subtle nuances. Instead I will provide video clips of songs composed by different composers on kambodhi in vocal, instrumental, experienced and the upcoming artists.

I will start with Raga Lahiri series with Vidhushi Ranjani Nagaraj and her mother Dr. Nagavalli Nagaraj. (with what else Sri.Subramanyaya by the Sanskrit Scholar and Composer Dikshitar on Kambhoji )


Dr.Nagavalli Nagaraj & Ranjani Nagaraj-Sri.Subramanyaya-Dikshitar-Kambhoji

Now we have Sanjay Subramaniyan singing Dhandapani Desikar's aDiyEnai kAdaruLvAi - in khAmbOji -

Prince Rama Varma is singing Swathi Tirunal's Sarasijanabha (Ata Thaala Varnam ) in Kamboji

Now violin rendition by Dr. Jyotsana Srikanth in different speeds of Ata Tala Varanams

Crescendo by the same artist

Violin Masteros Mysore Manjunath, Alapana

Maragatha Valli kriti


and Swaraprastharas in Kambhoji for Sri Dikshithar kriti: Violin maestros

An young violin player Kamalakiran Vinjamuri playing Evari Mata composed by Thyagraja

Kriti rendition

Same song sung by OSThyagarajan:

All women instrumental concert in pallavi 2009, had perfomed O Ranga Saye composed by Thuygaraja.

Here are two segments of that in audio

We have Shyama Sastry's dEvI nI pAdasArasamulE by TN seshagopalan in audio clip.

I will end with a segment on Isai payanam by Charulata Mani. ( A lot of Tamil movie songs as examples)

Muthu Thandavar - a great composer (in Tamil)

After repeated listening to a beautiful rendition of aru marundoru (by Sanjay S), I get caught up on the lyrics. Mrs Janaki Krishnamoorthy not only got me the lyrics, but also his biography written by a few people. Neither the wikipedia nor the book ANOTHER GARLAND (Biographical Dictionary of Carnatic Composers & Musicians) By N. RAJAGOPALAN, I.A.S. (Rtd.) nor this blog can give justice to the suffering, devotion, spirtuality and creativity of Muthu Thanadvar. Here is a brief life history of Muthu Thandavar as

Written by Shyama Priya on Muthuthandavar:


Trinity of Tamil Music - Muthuthandavar, Marimutha Pillai and Arunachala Kavirayar

Muthuthandavar - lived during 1560-1640

Very early in his life, Thandavan was afflicted by a dreadful disease and because of this, even his close relatives neglected him. He was living on the prasadam offered in the temple. Oneday, unable to bear the pangs of hunger, he prayed to God to come to his rescue. Goddess Uma appeared in the guise of the ten year old daughter of the temple priest and offered him food. She advised him Thandavan to go and worship Lord Nataraja in Chidambaram to get cured of his disease. She advised him to compose songs on Him using the first word heard by him in the temple as the opening word of his song. After he sung his first composition, "Bhooloka kailasagiri chidambaram" (using the above cue), Lord cured him of his dreaded disease.

Once he was bitten by a poisonous snake. He immediately sang, "Aru marundoru thani marundu ambalaththe kandene". The effects of the poison vanished.

Muthuthandavar composed numerous kritis and padams in popular ragas and talas, of which 84 are available. Perhaps he is the first to compose padams.

While singing his last composition, "Manickavachagar per enakku thara vallayo ariyen", he became one with God....

Here are the lyrics of aru marundoru that started my exploration.

aru marundoru. rAgA: kAmbhOji. rUpaka tALA.

P: aru marundoru tani marundidi ambalattE kaNDEn

A: tiru marunduDan pADum marundu tillai ambalattADum marundu
iru vinaigaL arukku marundu Ezhai aDiyArkkirangum marundu

C1: konrai tumbai aNinda marundu kOdai mIdil paDarnda marundu
manruLE ninrADum marundu mANikka vAcakar kaNDa marundu
2: indiranAnavar vAnavar pOTrum iruDigaL tamakkeTTA marundu
candira sUriyar kANA marundu tAnE muLaittut-tazhaitta marundu
3: tiritti tittiyenrADum marundu dEvAdi mUvargaL kANA marundu
karuttait-tirutti irukkum marundu kAlanaik-kAlAl udaitta marundu

Here is Suryaprakash singing Aru Marundoru in youtube (Thanks to Mrs. Janaki Krishnamoorthy for showing me this link)

Listening to all these songs make me forget all my worries and problems (and realize they are nothing compared to what Muthu Thanadavr had)

Sanjay Subramnian is perhaps one of the singers who is popularizing Muthu Thandavar
songs on various avenues. Here are his rendition of darisitaLavil mukti in latAngi

Next we have Nithyasree singing Eeshane Kotisuriya in nalinakanthi

Ms. Dhanya Subramaniaa sings thandhye thAi in Shanmugapriya

Next we have a young artist Kashyap Mahesh from Trichy (Tamil Nadu) singing Adi kondAr in maayamala gowla